Quick Guide: How to identify your superpowers & use them to find career direction as a twenty-something


1. What are your superpowers?

One of the key steps to finding your direction in your twenties is to get to know yourself better.  And knowing what your superpowers are is one of the key pieces of the puzzle. 

But what are your superpowers? They are your unique strengths. You know, the things that you can do better than everyone else you know. Those things that your friends come to you for, or the skills that you use for those tasks that your boss delegates to you, because you do them better than anyone else on the team. Oh, and they're the strengths that you actually enjoy using. The ones that once you start using them, time seems to fly by. You know, the ones that make you feel alive, on purpose, and like you're totally rocking it? They're your superpowers.

2. Why do you need to identify your superpowers?

This quote explains it perfectly:


Get it? 

We each have our own unique strengths. But if we spend our days at work not using them, we'll spend our lives wearing down our confidence and struggling to feel joy or fulfillment at work.

By identifying your superpowers you can intentionally integrate using them into your day-to-day life. Immediately you'll feel more purposeful and powerful. Then, of course, you can use this knowledge to shortlist career paths where you'll be able to use these superpowers every day. Because ...  

"Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses." Marilyn vos Savant

In my case, discovering my superpowers gave me loads of ideas for careers and businesses I could test out and give a go to get clear on my direction. Just knowing what I'm good at helped me realise what kind of career I'd enjoy and be able to reach my full potential in. 

If you're interested, these are my superpowers:

Superpower 1

Long term planning

My manager at work has really complimented me about how I help the whole team think ahead and plan for challenges. I also love planning for the future and get sooo excited about coming up with new dreams, goals and plans!

Superpower 2


I'm pretty good at being able to instantly feel the most efficient way to do something. My colleagues always compliment me on this. It's basically because I'm lazy and want to do things as quickly as possible! Apparently in today's faced paced world this is a good thing!

Superpower 3

Reading other people

I'm pretty good at instantly feeling how someone else is feeling and judging their mood and reactions to things even when they don't say anything. This is especially true of people I spend quite a bit of time with. I used to ignore my perceptions but recently I've noticed how accurate I am and that my intuition of a situation is usually right (even when I wish it wasn't!)

My superpowers are all soft skills but they don't have to be! Your superpowers could be a more tangible skill like photography, writing or cooking.

3. How to identify your superpowers

Working out what your superpowers are will have the same effect on you, I'm sure. Here are a couple of different methods for identifying your superpowers that I've found useful:

Method One: Self Reflection

These three steps are taken from The Suitcase Entrepreneur by Natalie Sission:

1. Write down everything you're good at.

2. Write down everything you enjoy.

3. Ask your friends, family and colleagues what they think you're good at.

Method Two: Take A Test

There are lots of great strengths tests out there. Here are my favourite:

Gallup Strengths Finder (paid)

A free version of the above

Talent Dynamics (paid)

Right, that's enough from me. It's time for you to head off and discover your superhero superpowers!

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