3 Challenges I'm Facing Right Now


Life is an adventure and finding your direction is just the start of it!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1. 

I'm clear on where I want to go with my life (got that part sorted!) but there are still challenges thay I need to overcome to get there.

My direction career-wise is to turn peace & purpose into a profitable online business enabling other young women to make the difference they want to make to the world. Lifestyle-wise my goal is to have the freedom to travel more frequently and spend more time with family, friends and doing things I love.

The main 3 challenges I'm facing at the moment that are holding me back from reaching these goals are:

1. Time

I'm working full-time in a hands on job that's an hour and a half away from home. I end up having long days and struggle to get myself to get any work done when I get home at the end of the day. I'm trying to solve this at the moment by breaking tasks down into 15 minute chunks and doing one of these a day. That way I'll be making progress (no matter how small) and will always be able to fit 15 minutes of hustling in at the end of the day!

2.  Health

I spent the beginning of the summer basically working 7 days a week! I'd do Monday to Friday at work then spend Saturday and Sunday working on my website. This combined with other stresses in my life like my Grandma getting ill, a rough patch with money and lots going on at work made me ill. I've ended up loosing half a stone from this illness and it's made me realise I need to take care of myself more. I've become a lot better at chilling out in my free time but I'm finding it hard to get the balance right with this and getting the work done I need to do. I think that my 15 minute chunks of work will help, plus I'm working on either being 100% on and focused on work or 100% off and relaxing. This is way easier said than done but hey, I'm trying. I've also set myself some exciting free time goals like completing a solo long distance hike next year so I really make the most out of my time off.

3.  Too much worrying

My biggest fear right now is that I'm not being the best I can be. I worry that I've got to get everything right first time and put pressure on myself not to look dumb and make any mistakes. I worry that I'm not as good as everyone else at things like managing my finances, believing in myself and connecting deeply with other people. I think sometimes I'm too selfish and find it hard to vulnerable. Then I remember that what I really want is to value each second I have on this planet and that worrying constantly about things that have happened in the past or could happen in the future isn't helping me achieve that goal. To do it I need to be mindful and choose to be in the present moment, grateful for what I've got. I want to do some 30 day challenges like in Matt Cutts' TED talk so my first challenge can be to start doing morning pages for the next 30 days. These are advocated by Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way. They are all about writing 3 pages of your stream of consciousness when you wake up in the morning to get all of your worries and negative thoughts out onto paper first thing so you can then get on with your day positively. I think they will help alleviate my almost constant money worries at the moment!

What are 3 challenges you're facing right now?

Let us know in the comments or join Natalie Sisson's 10 day blog challenge here. Blogging (especially with Natalie's prompts and support) is such an effective way to test out your ideas and work through confusion so you can get clear on where you want your life to go.