Two steps to start reaching your potential in your twenties

Do you ever find yourself instantly dismissing an idea for a goal or dreambecause you "know for a fact" that you could never actually achieve it?

You don't even begin to think about how you could do it and just ignore it and move on to the next thought.

Are there loads of things you can't see yourself doing because you (assume that you) don't have the skills, talent or courage to do them?

I know that's been true for me for a while. There's a certain level of success and adventure that I can see for myself. Then, because of lack of self belief there's stuff that I wouldn't even consider.

Well, I watched this talk a few weeks ago that totally changed my perspective on this. You have to watch it too! It's by Chelsea Dinsmore from Live Your Legend.

It's a beautiful, inspiring and emotional talk with so much to take away. There are so many lessons to be learned that I'm sure what sticks with you will be different to what stuck with me.

For me, a tiny phrase that Chelsea said in the middle of the talk really had an impact. It's shifted my thinking significantly when it comes to exciting ideas, bigger goals and harder challenges. Instead of not even considering them, I've started thinking..

"What if I could?"

This phrase in Chelsea's talk has inspired me to look at the ideas I have and what other people are achieving in a totally different way. Instead of briefly thinking "oh that'd be cool to do" or "I'd love to do that" and then ignoring it completely, I catch the thought and ask myself the question...what if I could?

Right after watching Chelsea's talk I created myself a "What if I could?" list. I packed it full of all the goals and ideas that have been floating around in my brain for years but that I never thought I could actually do.

"What if I could?" takes away the pressure of yet another item on your to do list and adds, as Chelsea talks about, an element of curiosity.

I already thought that curiosity is an essential part of finding your direction.

Now I can see that it's also an essential part of reaching your full potential.

I'm excited to put this into practice and be a living example of putting Chelsea's lessons into practice and asking "what if I could?"

To do this I'm starting a What if I Could? Challenge! (I find things so much more fun when they've got a name!)

12 dreams 12 months...what if I could?


  1. Solo long distance hike
  2. Man vs mountain
  3. US creative entrepreneur conference
  4. Fluent in Spanish
  5. Be in nature everyday (by living in countryside)
  6. Learn to surf
  7. Go SUP everyday (by living near a river)
  8. Have a positive impact on the Earth (nature/environment) 
  9. Work for myself full time
  10. Be debt free
  11. Understand Buddhism
  12. Volunteer to conserve nature a tropical environment

There's a few things I need to sort out before I get started (like actually doing some exercise!) so I'm going to kick off the challenge in January. I'll keep you updated! 

Why not start reaching your potential?

1. Watch Chelsea's talk

2. Write your own "What if I could?" List. Remember to just be curious about the things you put down, you don't have to do them, they are just ideas. You can be curious about whether you can actually do them.

Seriously, imagine- what if you could?!

Extra note:

Really interestingly, I'm reading Gandhi's autobiography at the moment and I noticed that this is so similar to the way he approached his life. He saw everything as a series of experiments.

When you think about it, this is such an brilliant way to live! It takes away any possible fear of failure because you're just experimenting. You're doing the experiment and observing the results. You don't have fixed expectations of the outcome of your experiment so you're more open to just seeing what happens. You're focusing on the process and not the result!